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They were on their way home to Jersey On the passage the vessel met another ship in distress and in taking off the crew of this vessel in rencontre east nfld boat was Mr, rencontre east nfld. George was not married also died of consumption before I will have more to say of these marriages below. One daughter who married Samuel Pike. They have a family of boys married and away to the States.

Lumbering-fishing settlement in the S. Arm of Random Sound, Trinity B. A very ancient and picturesque fishing settlement a mile or so outside the eastern limit of St. First settled probably in the early 16th century.

In it had 20 houses and families. A battle was fought near here in , when the British troops landed at Torbay and marched overland to recapture St. The French had held the capital for several weeks that summer, and in anticipation of a probable attempt by the British to land their forces at Quidi Vidi Gut or entrance to the sea the French barred it by sinking rock-filled shallop boats in it.

Nearby the settlement on the lower north side of the lake the U. Government is at present constructing an important military base. An ancient and well-known fishing settlement on the Newfoundland side of the Strait of Belle Isle. First frequented by the Biscayans and French in the 16th century, though by a few English settlers had located here.

In there were 16 French fishing ships with 17, quintals. Government cold storage bait freezer. Fishing settlement on the western side of South Twillingate Island, near Twillingate. Formerly called Ha Ha.

Fishing settlement island on S. Halibut fishery is important here. This is one of the S. Coast settlements which are likely to have greater importance and prosperity through the General Sea Foods Corp.

Fishing-lumbering settlement near the head of Green B. A very picturesque place. The brook falls into the sea from a height of feet in two or three sheer drops, all within sight. Most of the inhabitants are of Carbonear descent. Fishing-lobstering settlement on the southern shore of the Port au Port peninsula.

Fishing settlement on the south side of Bonavista B. Salmon and squid are especially numerous here and nearby. Fishing-lobstering settlement on the S.

Coast, on the headland separating Hermitage and Connaigre Bays. Fishing settlement on the promontory of the B. Fishing-lobstering settlement island in the centre of Placentia B. Fishing-lobstering settlement on S. Coast, near the mainland between Burgeo and Ramea Islands. Fishing-lobstering settlement on the St. Barbe coast, about 2 m. Fishing settlement on the eastern end of Big Colinet Island, St. Fishing settlement at the central head of Fortune B. Coast, west of B.

An ancient fishing settlement on the Southern Shore. First settled probably in the early 17th century, or even earlier. In French fishing ships frequented here. In it had 6 dwellings, 6 planters, 3 wives, 4 sons, 6 daughters, 38 fishery servants, 13 boats, 6 stages, 14 cattle, 7 sheep, 35 hogs, and produced quintals of fish. A grotto was erected a few years ago on the site of this Midnight Rock.

Coast, between Rencontre W. Labrador fishing-furring settlement north of Cartwright. Farming settlement in Conception B. Fishing settlement about 10 m. Site of the woollen mills operated by the Royal Stores Ltd. Figures refer to the permanent settlement only. An important pulpwood cutting centre of recent development. In the winter of men were employed by Bowater Co. A farming settlement in St. On the West Coast, notable chiefly for the fact that nearby lie the St. Farming settlement on the main railway in St.

Fishing settlement at the N. Lumbering-fishing-lobstering settlement on the St. Barbe coast, 9 m. Founded in by Rich. Logging-lumbering settlement at the head of Canada B. Named after late Sir Thomas Roddick, M. Lobstering settlement on the north shore of B. George, just east of the isthmus of Port au Port. Notable for the presence of great deposits of high-grade gypsum. An extensive winter fishery is carried on here, and the settlement and neighbouring places are likely to become much more important and prosperous from the activity of the General Sea Foods Corp.

A section of Burin. Fishing settlement in Hermitage Bay. A very picturesque old fishing settlement on the north side of Green B. Fishing settlement on the south side of the island which separates Hermitage B.

A fishing settlement in Placentia B. West, near Baine Hr. Farming section near Grand Falls. Fishing settlement in the mouth of B. Inland and Labrador fishing settlement on the north side of Bonavista B. Fishing-lobstering settlement island about half-way between Brunette Island and Great B. Under the leadership of a devoted priest, the Rev.

Croix, the people have for some years been organized in a type of co-operative enterprise, through which their logging activities have been carried on.

Farming settlement on the main railway, 20 m. Fishing settlement in Presque, q. Ancient fishing settlement toward N. In named St. Headquarters in Newfoundland for the famous International Grenfell Association. Here are maintained a hospital, out-patient clinic, tuberculosis sanatorium, infectious disease isolation hospital, industrial workshop, orphanage, co-operative store, marine ship repair dock, and other enterprises founded by Sir Wilfred Grenfell.

Many thousands of patients have come here from all parts of Newfoundland, especially the northern section and from Labrador; while an occasional patient comes from the United States and Canada. From here in summertime the Grenfell organization operates small hospital boats which ply up and down the coast of Labrador. One of the larger fish-exporting companies of St. Since the Clarke Steamship Co. Clarke Steamship tourist ships. Fishing settlement immediately north of St.

Two large islands lying off the mouth of White B. Fishing is the occupation here. Fishing-lobstering-herring packing settlement near the N. Fishing settlement a few miles north of Cape St. Mary, on the east side of Placentia B.

Fishing settlement just north of Cape St. A section of Salmonier q. Fishing-farming settlement near northern entrance to Eastport B. Farming settlement in St. Farming settlement on the main railway, 60 m.

Logging settlement on the St. Barbe coast, 10 m.

Service NL provides accessible, responsive services in the areas of public health and safety, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, consumer protection, and in the preservation of vital events and commercial transactions. It also provides printing services to Government. History and genealogy of Burgeo, and the surrounding area, with photo galleries of Sandbanks Provincial Park, Burgeo, and the Caribou Trial.

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